Marvy Uchida Le Pen

Ok, for about 30 years (yes, 30), Le Pen has been my favorite pen. I took notes in high school/college using a le pen and have loved them in EVERY color since then. Today I bought some black le pens for a small craft project related to this blog. Marvy Uchida has been making office supplies since 1910 and that is good enough for me to keep buying and loving the le pen. I want every color and I know you will too... here is a great source for buying le pens..., here is another or just google le pen (and skip all the wikipedia links... they are not going to take you shopping :)!

Le Pens are ... Acid Free, Non Toxic
Smudge-proof Ink
Conforms to ASTM D4236
Micro-fine Plastic Point
Ink colors match barrel colors...

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