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{picutre by aQuickStudy}

Have fun doing your duties with aQuickStudy's to-do-list notepad! 50 sheets of 15 things to do can help you get a lot done! See how far along you are in your tasks with the percent complete bars and check each job off when you've finished!

Keep track of your to do list on this stylish, brightly colored to do list notepad, complete with percent complete bars and a fun overall success rate tracker! These extra-large, 50 sheet notepads (5.5" x 8.5") have space for 15 tasks, bars where you can keep track of how far along you are, and a extra spot to check off each item along the bottom (because checking things off is the BEST part of any to do list). Finish your list and use the blank back for doodles or notes!

find it here: aQuickStudy

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