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{picture by IcedMoments}

Brighten up your bulletin board with these exciting orange pushpins handmade with glass by IcedMoments! Made using lampwork beading techniques, these little accessories are created lovingly and carefully. They can make any old cork board cute and add character to your display!

These cheerful glass push pins will really brighten up your cork board. Each push pin is made lovingly by hand and each one is truly unique. You will receive the nine pins shown in the photos, in a gift box. These pins are made using traditional lampwork beadmaking techniques. Start with an ordinary plastic-headed push pin. After removing the plastic head (bash it with a hammer!) the glass is directly melted on to the resulting pin shaft. The glass is shaped and decorated on the glass head using modified lampworking techniques. These are very eye-catching push pins. Think of them as jewelry for your cork board.

Find them here: IcedMoments

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