Junque Trunk from BungalowCo


The home office sometimes moves to the car and I think my trunk will welcome this "junque trunk" from Washington DC's What a great idea! Here are the specifics...

Collapsible for Easy Handling and Storage
Reinforced Riveted Handles for Weight Bearing
Water Resistant
Wipe Clean

Long Description:
Junque Trunk (jahnk trahnk) n. 1. Storage solution for any and all material things. 2. Found in places where humans accumulate stuff--basements, attics and garages. 3. Keeps college kids organized.

Elvis Paisley This pattern is the perfect complement to any fall ensemble. The Elvis Paisley combines a chocolate brown palette with pink, orange, periwinkle and lime green accents, which creates a contemporary spin on the classic paisley. Designed to twin with the Graceline Stripe, it sets the stage for a chic twin set.

Find yours here: Junque Trunk

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