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{picture by NottyPooch}

This totally unique storage bin made by NottyPooch can be used to store CD's, DVD's, books and more in your home or work space! Made from recycled billboard banners, these bins are diligently crafted, original and waterproof!

A perfect storage idea for your work space or home. It can only be better when it's recycled and one-of-a-kind! This eco friendly storage bin is perfect to fit up to 10 standard-sized DVD cases. It can also be used to organise your CDs, books, journals, or any other small items. Since it's waterproof, you can even use it in your bathroom! It comes without lining - so much easier to clean! All billboard banners are brushed, washed, and cleaned by hand, and carefully selected, measured, and cut into eye catchy pieces before being sewn into this storage bin. As the billboard banner used is recycled, you will find signs of its own history on the storage bin that came originally with the billboard banner, for instance printing ink, folding lines, scratch lines, etc. Some may be visible in photos, some may be not. Although billboard banner is generally a tough material, without reasonable care it can still be damaged. The storage bin will be shipped flat. Simply open and fill it up with some books or DVDs and it will be back to its form. Take note that there is no cardboard insert to hold the bin, hence it requires you to fill it up to hold the shape - but that's the purpose of a storage bin, isn't it?
Due to the nature of the material, NottyPooch is normally unable to reproduce another storage bin with exactly the same design. Totally unique!

Find it here: NottyPooch

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