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{Picture by shoofly}

Keep all your jobs and things-to-do straight with shoofly's unique hand-painted notebook! This notebook is painted with yellow and grey vegetation for cuteness and the covers are made of heavy-duty cardboard for durability.

Shoofly's Amber Waves illustration was patiently hand printed and registered in two layers of custom mixed ink [yellow and dark gray] on the front cover of a Moleskine Cahier. Each notebook is a hand printed original and no two ever come out the same. Due to the nature of hand printing, each print has it's own unique texture and registration and might not match the one pictured here exactly.
Moleskine Cahier pocket size journals have a heavy-duty cardboard cover with visible threaded side stitching on the spine. The paper is acid-free, has 64 pages, and the last 16 sheets are detachable. Inside the back cover there is a pocket for notes or clippings. Soft, light, fits in every pocket: 3½" x 5½"

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