Moonskywoodworks: bocote sierra pen

{Picture by moonskywoodworks}

This classy bocote sierra pen is a perfect gift for your man this holiday season! It has a super fine ballpoint for easy writing and will feel good in hand.

Bocote is a deep brown with near black growth lines. Its very masculine and gives a very rustic strength. The Sierra Pen hardware has a nice feel to it. The inkwell is a super fine ballpoint that makes the pen glide across the paper. You can also find refills at most office supplies store.

Find it here: moonskywoodworks


SwedishGuyDesign: iPod/iPhone charger

{Picture by SwedishGuyDesign}

This stylish iPod dock by SwedishGuyDesigns gives a woodsy-feel to the room while allowing you to charge your iPod! Made from a used wine barrel, the dock is French oak wood and has been stained a deep garnet color on the top by the wine.

This iPod dock is made from a used wine barrel. The wood is French oak and has been stained by the wine to a rich, deep garnet color on one side.
SwedishGuyDesigns designed, cut, and assembled the dock with form and function in mind.
They protected the wood with non-toxic natural beeswax and added slim mid-century modern feet made from stainless steel rod.
This will fit:
iPhone4, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G, iPhone, iPod touch 2nd generation, iPod touch 1st generation, iPod classic 120GB 160GB (2009), iPod classic 160GB (2007), iPod classic 80GB, iPod nano 5th generation (video camera), iPod nano 4th generation (video), iPod nano 3rd generation (video), iPod nano 2nd generation (aluminum),iPod nano1st generation, iPod, iPad

Find it here: SwedishGuyDeesign


Coupon code: 20% off at Crown Bindery

Let the holidays begin! We are ready at Crown Bindery! Perfect gifts for friends, students, teachers and anyone who like to organize their paperwork in a fun way! Great for office, home, work or play!

20% off merchandise at all three Crown Shops now through Cyber Monday November 29... use this code: CROWN20

Binders and Printables at Crown Bindery!
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Coupon is valid until 11:59pm November 29. 20% off your total merchandise only. Free shipping on orders over $75.00. Crown Bindery is happy to accommodate custom orders, but they are not eligible for the discount during the holiday weekend! Thanks for shopping with Crown Bindery!


Ninjas on Etsy: Lilley

{Picture by Lilley}

These adorable polymer clay ninjas by Lilley will keep you safe and sound at your desk while adding the cute factor to your office! Each turquoise ninja has his own weapon and beady little eyes to ward off the bad guys and boring days!

These little ninjas, may look very cute and small, but beware they are deadly!
They are perfect to leave on your desk at work or to place on your bedside table so you always have a pair of beady eyes looking out for you!
Made from polymer clay they each measure approx 3cm (1.25inches) in height, and come ready to defend with their own weapons.
Each ninja has a different weapon, there is a sword, a throwing star and nunchucks.

Find it here: Lilley


dedeetsyshop: handmade home office

{picture by dedeetsyshop}

These decorative bookends will keep your novels and children's books stuck in the right place and add an artsy flair to the room! They are made of beanbags filled with rice and are detailed with felt and a brass button!

Fun and funky flower beanbag bookends! Perfect to perch on a shelf or tabletop! Looks great in a kids room too! Made from a cream linen and red, cream, mustard yellow, and turquoise felt. Antique brass button center! Measures approx. 5 inches wide by 7 inches tall. Filled with rice.

Find it here: dedeetsyshop


Away from the Office!

A day in the life of Regents School of Austin... the school our kids attend! Go Knights!

A great story here from our local Austin paper: A slice of life with all the toppings

uhreusable on Etsy

{Picture by uhreusable}

This red and aqua polka dot lunchbox by uhreusable will add some retro flair to lunchtime! Pack your sandwich, soup, or fruit in this lunch sack made from laminated cotton, which has a fold-over top and a detachable handle!

Here is an alternative to carry your lunch in style in this awesome aqua and red polka dot laminated cotton. So cute with a retro flair. The handle makes it easy to carry with your purse or tote bag. It is detachable and can be put on the interior loop when you turn it inside out for the reverse side or just don't need the handle. It is metal and lead free, chlorine free, formaldehyde free. How to clean; using a warm soapy cloth, wipe clean. If wrinkled, lay in the sun (preferred) or use a hairdryer (most efficient). This bag measures with the detachable handle; 8" wide 20 cm, 4" deep 10 cm, 13" tall 33 cm. It will easily fit a thermos for soup/stew/chili or water canister, sandwich box, fruit and other treats. The top folds over to close with an elastic loop and Vintage Button(buttons may vary). This bag can easily be wiped with a cloth and hung to dry. or Hand Wash and hang dry. Sometimes when uhreusable goes long distances or doesn't have access to a fridge, they add a small gel ice pack.

Find it here: uhreusable


Handmade Home Office: RickRackQueen

{Picture by RickRackQueen}

These oilcloth snackbags by RickRackQueen are perfect for carrying anything from sandwiches and grapes to makeup and money! They keep things fresh with Velcro closure and look super cute, especially in these aqua and cherry colors!

This idea was kicking around RickRackQueen's head for a while and then a customer asked if they could make them for her and here they are. RickRachQueen wanted to wait until they used them for a while before putting them up for sale and they seem to work just great. They tested them with sandwiches (the bread stayed soft), cracker-type snacks (stayed crisp), and even grapes (stayed grapey). Caring for the bags is simple: wash in your sink with warm soapy water and hang to dry. The sewn seam is on the outside to prevent any bits of food from getting stuck anywhere. They have a nice, strong Velcro closure and double stitching. These bags will last a long time. No need to limit their use for food; these bags are useful for carrying messy bibs, wet wipes, make up, money, personal items, etc. Please ask for custom sizes, i'd be more than happy to do it. Appr. 7” square, just like a plastic ziptop sandwich baggie. Why not get a matching lunchbag to complete your set? See the last picture for an option. Please note that today's oilcloth is a vinyl product

Find it here: RickRackQueen


Martha Stewart - Organizing Tip of the Day

Eliminate tangles under your work area by feeding all cords through a hole drilled in the desktop. Then plug the wires into a power-surge protector strip, which is mounted on the underside of the desk. Keep cords in a coated wire basket (available at housewares stores) suspended under the desk with wire hooks. Tags identify where each machine wire comes from.

Read more at Marthastewart.com: Office Wire Organizer - Martha Stewart Home and Garden

Martha Stewart - Organizing Tip of the Day

crrysstall on Etsy: Home Office

{Picture by crrysstall}

Liven up your office with crrysstall's robot mousepad! The robots are hand-drawn and will add spark to any boring computer space! They come in a set of four so you can switch around colors as you please!

The robots are coming, the robots are coming! Do you have a laptop or limited space at your computer? Well, these are the perfect size to give you just enough room to maneuver your mouse, but not take up a ton of room. Comes in 4 awesome colors with an original crystal j. hand drawn robot. You definitely need a new mousepad to liven up your spot. These robots'll do the trick! Beep Boop Beep!

Color: aqua
Size: 4" x 4"

Find it here: crrysstall


Hine on Etsy! Handmade Home Office

{Picture by hine}

Avoid cracks and scratches with this hand-stiched, felt iPhone case! Hine has created this protective cover with giant buttons from cranberry and turquoise colored felt for a totally unique look!

If you like buttons, you might like this too! It's carefully HAND-STITCHED by hine. It's easy to open/close with a string & a button. The main stitch colors are cranberry and turquoise blue. Materials : Outside- high quality Japanese cranberry and smoky turquoise 2 mm thick felt, Inside- turquoise 1 mm thick felt, button, snap fasteners, string. Measurements : about 5 1/8" x 3 1/4" (13 x 8.2 cm) Each 'Giant Button iPhone case' is UNIQUE!

Find it here: hine


FreestyleGifts: Home Office on Etsy

{Picture by FreestyleGifts}

Organize any papers, notes, recipes, bills, contacts, or doodles in this unique file box by FreestyleGifts! The box is hand-painted and comes with retro and colorful dividers, which are also handmade by FreestyleGifts!

This file box is great for organizing all sorts of things...coupons, recipes, contacts and even your own ephemera collection. This could also easily be used at a wedding as a guest book box, which are super popular these days. It will hold over 300 standard index cards and other items up to 3x5".
This set includes 12 dividers that FreestyleGifts will fashion from the covers of vintage record albums with colorful and retro graphic designs. Your dividers will vary from the ones pictured above but I promise they will be just as interesting and colorful, if not more so.
Also included are 100 lined 3x5" index cards and 15 custom fit blank self-stick labels to write on.
Everything fits into a wooden box (custom, handcrafted of poplar wood) that FreestyleGifts has painted and distressed. They blend all the paint themselves until they get the color they're looking for. This one is a light turquoise.

Find it here: FreestyleGifts


AMradio on Etsy

{Picture by AMradio}

Take a break from your computer screen and type a paper with AMradio's old school typewriter! It is an aqua manual vintage typewriter in good vintage condition!

There is something about using a manual typewriter. rhythmic patterns, soothing sounds...all creating a story in what AMradio would contend to be the most perfect font ever designed. Share in the experience and love with this sweetness, a Royal Heritage manual typewriter.
Metal housing in deep stone-gray and light oatmeal colored keys. a very handsome almost preppy design.
44 character keyboard.
Tab, backspace, margin release, clear and magic column set buttons.
Hardness press lever
Original tweed look hard-shell case with fabulous aqua interior and bakelite handle, [no key].
In 'as-found' vintage condition, the tape is original to how it was purchased.
10 characters fit within one inch (a thru j).
In good vintage condition. it is a clean piece, Cover of carrying case is showing some typical wear. Please sure to click the fifth photo to see the close up detail shots.
12 x 12.5 x 5.5 tall.
14 x 15 x 6.5.
platen roller,
13 wide.

Find it here: AMradio


BurlapandBlue: Handmade Home Office

{Picture by BurlapandBlue}

This classy clock made from a vintage-inspired patterned plate is the perfect accent for any home! Use it to decorate your own abode, or give it as a holiday or housewarming gift that is sure to please any of your friends or family!

This lovely timepiece is perfect as a birthday, hostess, housewarming or holiday gift!

BurlapandBlue loves the plate used to make this clock...this vintage-inspired, bold pattern is on one of their bestselling pedestals! Hands are handpainted to coordinate with the look and feel of the piece.

Clock measures approximately 8.25" in diameter.

Clock can either be hung on the wall using hook on back (see photo), or can be placed on an easel to display on a shelf, mantel or desktop.

Clock takes 1 AA battery.

Find it here: BurlapandBlue


TheDoorStop on Etsy

{Picture by TheDoorStop}

This robin egg blue magnetic chalkboard can be used to leave notes, make reminders, or doodle! It is made from a recycled cabinet door, which can add character to your home or office space, and comes with felt, chalk, and care instructions!

-Magnetic chalkboard surface
-Makes a great gift!
-Dimensions: 12x12-3/4 in; writing surface approx 8x8 in.
-Comes with chalk, felt & care instructions

About TheDoorStop's cabinet doors...
The back of the door is maple, clearcoated. It is one of many salvaged doors they have run across. The holes had been routed out in the back for hinges, but are visible only from the back.
The surface of the chalkboard is very smooth, however, there will be some irregularities from the wood.

Find it here: TheDoorStop


Handmade on Etsy: theferriswheels

{Picture by theferriswheels}

Having a stressful day at the office? Relive some of that stress with these adorable soothing heat pads! This pack includes a mouse wrist pad, keyboard wrist pad, neckwrap, and eye pillow, all of which can be microwaved for soothing warmth.

The ultimate gift set for anyone who works at a desk! Theferriswheels have combined a keyboard (17" x 3"), mouse (4" x 2"), wrist rests (great for carpal tunnel) with a universal size neck wrap (18" x 6") and eye pillow (9" x 4"), super for headaches or sinus.

Filled with rice and flaxseed, just pop any of these in the microwave for 1-2 minutes (less for the sinus/eye pack), and you'll experience 30+ minutes of warm, moist heat. What a relief for anyone who types and looks up at a monitor all day! These can also work as cold packs after a few hours in the freezer.

Find it here: theferriswheels


Vintage Home Office: juliebcreative

{Picture by juliebcreative}

This original acrylic painting is the perfect accent on any wall in your home or office! The stapler and reflection are so realistic that this could be a photograph, and the vintage aqua blue makes the painting pop!

12 by 12 Original Acrylic painting on linen canvas. Look at that vintage aqua blue! This original photo was taken by SugarPush here on Etsy. Every so often juliebcreative is inspired by other esellers' great product shots and is motivated to do a painting based on those photos.

Find it here: juliebcreative
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