Handmade Home Office: RickRackQueen

{Picture by RickRackQueen}

These oilcloth snackbags by RickRackQueen are perfect for carrying anything from sandwiches and grapes to makeup and money! They keep things fresh with Velcro closure and look super cute, especially in these aqua and cherry colors!

This idea was kicking around RickRackQueen's head for a while and then a customer asked if they could make them for her and here they are. RickRachQueen wanted to wait until they used them for a while before putting them up for sale and they seem to work just great. They tested them with sandwiches (the bread stayed soft), cracker-type snacks (stayed crisp), and even grapes (stayed grapey). Caring for the bags is simple: wash in your sink with warm soapy water and hang to dry. The sewn seam is on the outside to prevent any bits of food from getting stuck anywhere. They have a nice, strong Velcro closure and double stitching. These bags will last a long time. No need to limit their use for food; these bags are useful for carrying messy bibs, wet wipes, make up, money, personal items, etc. Please ask for custom sizes, i'd be more than happy to do it. Appr. 7” square, just like a plastic ziptop sandwich baggie. Why not get a matching lunchbag to complete your set? See the last picture for an option. Please note that today's oilcloth is a vinyl product

Find it here: RickRackQueen

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