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{Picture by hine}

Avoid cracks and scratches with this hand-stiched, felt iPhone case! Hine has created this protective cover with giant buttons from cranberry and turquoise colored felt for a totally unique look!

If you like buttons, you might like this too! It's carefully HAND-STITCHED by hine. It's easy to open/close with a string & a button. The main stitch colors are cranberry and turquoise blue. Materials : Outside- high quality Japanese cranberry and smoky turquoise 2 mm thick felt, Inside- turquoise 1 mm thick felt, button, snap fasteners, string. Measurements : about 5 1/8" x 3 1/4" (13 x 8.2 cm) Each 'Giant Button iPhone case' is UNIQUE!

Find it here: hine

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