Ninjas on Etsy: Lilley

{Picture by Lilley}

These adorable polymer clay ninjas by Lilley will keep you safe and sound at your desk while adding the cute factor to your office! Each turquoise ninja has his own weapon and beady little eyes to ward off the bad guys and boring days!

These little ninjas, may look very cute and small, but beware they are deadly!
They are perfect to leave on your desk at work or to place on your bedside table so you always have a pair of beady eyes looking out for you!
Made from polymer clay they each measure approx 3cm (1.25inches) in height, and come ready to defend with their own weapons.
Each ninja has a different weapon, there is a sword, a throwing star and nunchucks.

Find it here: Lilley


  1. How stinkin cute is that ninja! Never thought I'd say that sentence before. ;) I'm a new follower!

  2. i bought one of these little guys. If you think they're cute in the picture, they are waaayyy cuter in person!!!!


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