SwedishGuyDesign: iPod/iPhone charger

{Picture by SwedishGuyDesign}

This stylish iPod dock by SwedishGuyDesigns gives a woodsy-feel to the room while allowing you to charge your iPod! Made from a used wine barrel, the dock is French oak wood and has been stained a deep garnet color on the top by the wine.

This iPod dock is made from a used wine barrel. The wood is French oak and has been stained by the wine to a rich, deep garnet color on one side.
SwedishGuyDesigns designed, cut, and assembled the dock with form and function in mind.
They protected the wood with non-toxic natural beeswax and added slim mid-century modern feet made from stainless steel rod.
This will fit:
iPhone4, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G, iPhone, iPod touch 2nd generation, iPod touch 1st generation, iPod classic 120GB 160GB (2009), iPod classic 160GB (2007), iPod classic 80GB, iPod nano 5th generation (video camera), iPod nano 4th generation (video), iPod nano 3rd generation (video), iPod nano 2nd generation (aluminum),iPod nano1st generation, iPod, iPad

Find it here: SwedishGuyDeesign

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