Handmade: ParadiseHillDesigns

{Picture by ParadiseHillDesigns}

This one of a kind rustic box is perfect for stashing any kind of small card, and will create a unique look for your space! ParadiseHillDesigns handmade the box from reclaimed boards in their neighborhood, creating a carefully crafted, beautiful peace.

One of a Kind...Rustic Yet Refined.
A charming way to file away the business cards you collect, or an attractive storage for your own cards on hand. ParadiseHillDesigns handcrafts these solid little boxes from reclaimed boards salvaged from old buildings and fences in their surrounding area.
The wood is gently sanded, the corners softly rounded, making it very pleasant to the touch, but care has been taken to preserve the beautiful natural patina of weathered silvery greys and shades of warm browns.
The interesting grain pattern of the old wood give it lots of character and a simple, woodburnt design along the top rim adds a bit of an old world feel.
The box comfortable holds about 250 business cards, outside measure is appr. 6 long x 4 1/4 wide x 1 5/8 high (15x11x4cm).
A functional piece exuding the calming beauty of natural wood - it makes for a great gift!

Find it here: ParadiseHillDesigns

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