Vertical Office Organizer

So fun from Etsy shop Retro Daisy Girl! Nice Vertical Organizer for your office. Metal wire with a coating of black plastic on top. Organize your office easily with these Industrial Vertical Metal file Organizers.

Measure 12" tall at tallest 10" long 8" wide. Good condition 1 has all black little feet, 1 has just 1 white rubber foot, and 1 has none.

Thanks for visiting Retro Daisy Girl!


File Folders #2

After my post last weekend about my $1 find at Michaels... the Laura Ashley File Folders... I headed over to one of my fave online stores (mostly because they don't have a brick and mortar in Austin)... Paper Source! I know they have a great website... but they also have a fun tab for office and organization. That is where I found this desktop file folder organizer... I have been dreaming about making one of these for myself, but at the price of $27.95, I might have to splurge! You can too here... Chocolate Kimono File Folder Set


File Folders #1

We are camp shopping and that means getting supplies for writing letters. Yes, handwritten letters. How unusual this day in age! Kids just don't have the opportunity often to use great stationary and their own handwriting. Ok, I digress. We headed to Michaels for the $1 bins... and I found these (my girls found some other cute ones too!)! How great! A blast from my 1980s past. Laura Ashley! The venerable designer line never went away of course, but these office products are a far cry from my voluminous Laura Ashley dress that I wore to school and church (I could have made a dust ruffle from the yards of fabric in those dresses...) In addition to the fun stationary... these file folders are heavy duty in feel and also color! Check them out next time you head out for your craft supply run!

Art Is Everything on Etsy

Welcome to ArtisEverything! A wonderful shop from Tel Aviv, I found this item in a recent Etsy treasury. So wonderful!

A great present for people you love for the home or the office desk.
A business card holder made of 2 plates that fit together.
One - 3 mm transparent perspex.
Dimensions : 9.8 * 6 cm.
The perspex gives the holder a "high tech" look.
The business card looks like it's "floating" on the holder.
The second - 3.8 mm melamine plate printed in a special technique.
Dimensions : 9.8 * 9.8 cm.

You can find it here: ArtisEverything


Marvy Uchida Le Pen

Ok, for about 30 years (yes, 30), Le Pen has been my favorite pen. I took notes in high school/college using a le pen and have loved them in EVERY color since then. Today I bought some black le pens for a small craft project related to this blog. Marvy Uchida has been making office supplies since 1910 and that is good enough for me to keep buying and loving the le pen. I want every color and I know you will too... here is a great source for buying le pens..., here is another or just google le pen (and skip all the wikipedia links... they are not going to take you shopping :)!

Le Pens are ... Acid Free, Non Toxic
Smudge-proof Ink
Conforms to ASTM D4236
Micro-fine Plastic Point
Ink colors match barrel colors...

Happy Birthday Etsy

home offices all over the world are celebrating alongside etsy, the handmade marketplace that has allowed 1000s of home offices and workshops turn a profit each year. happy big day!


Handmade Business Cards

Business Cards are so important! They don't have to be fancy but they should be accurate, reflect your personal style, and in the handmade business mix, stand out as creative and unique! Here is a short video on how I make mine to include in packaging for order going out of my etsy shops, Crown Bindery, Crown Paperie and The Papered Crown!

Create your own video slideshow at animoto.com.


Martha and Dote Recycled Map Stationary

I just picked up the Martha Stewart Living July issue and there is a fun two page spread on Map-Booking. Basically upcycling maps to create special scrapbook pages. I knew I had seen equally wonderful map envelopes on Etsy and quickly went to a few shops... Dote is one of my favorites! Here you will find nature-inspired jewelry, recycled map stationery, accessories, photographic prints, and home decor. Recycled, re-purposed, and natural materials are used whenever possible! Amazing style and green crafting! Check out Dote's recycled map stationary today! Amazing!


Tour of Crown Bindery

My Bulletin Board
Originally uploaded by crownbindery
Now that you've seen the outside of my home, lets go in and see my workspace. Here is my workbench... covered in crafty goodness... paper, laminate, bookrings, hole punches, decoupage medium, scissors, and more. A load of fun each day!


Where to Begin?

At home of course!! Here it is! Our home in Austin Texas. The dwelling of 5 Smyrls, 1 dog, 2 fish (last week it was 5), a hamster, one home business, a three meal-a-day kitchen, an up and down garage door and lots of love and kisses. Welcome to the home of Handmade Home Office! I look forward to sharing my home and work with you!
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