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These darling pushpins by TheDoveTree can add just a touch of cuteness to the bulletin board in your home or office! They are made with a printed cotton fabric, durable, and eco-friendly!

Too cute! The fabric pushpins in this adorable collection are covered in red cherries and carnation pink flowers on an aqua blue background. They would make a special little gift for a friend or co-worker and would look great in your kitchen, office or bedroom!

These 6 pushpins are handmade with 100% cotton fabric and are securely attached with a heavy-duty adhesive to ensure durability.

Earth friendly! All pushpin sets will arrive to you beautifully presented in a small pillow box made from recycled craft board.

Each pushpin measures approximately 3/4"(.75) in diameter.

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Cool!! RutisRoots

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This structure by RutisRoots is a bowl as well as a piece of art! The environmentally friendly piece is handmade from recycled paper that has been folded and glued. It can add a funky touch to the office or home and hold jewels, keys, and knick-knacks!

A creative way to protect our environment!
Over 200 pieces of recycled paper, selected with care, folded into place and carefully glued together into a wholesome stabled 3-D structure.
This work of art rests on a base made out of acrylic painted cardboard, which is both beautiful and durable. For this reason this bowl is a perfect place to store precious items such as jewels, change, keys, remote controls etc… as well as a charming way to decorate your home and office!

Find it here: RutisRoots

'Spring cleaning and creative storage' by mountainvintage

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mousefacevintage from San Francisco

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This quaint little paperweight can liven up any boring old desk! The encased bouquet paperweight is a vintage piece mousefacevintage found that was made by Daisyglas Company.

the loveliest paperweight in the whole office!
made of a solid transparent plastic, this paperweight has a nice heft to it and a gorgeous lofty dome shape.
inside is a charming bouquet of pink, green, and white flowers, encased perfectly.
made in California by Daisyglas Company. Mousefacevintage left the company sticker on the paperweight, but it can be taken off with goo-gone if needed. In great vintage condition!
3.5" tall, 2.5" across

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