Cool!! RutisRoots

{Picture by RutisRoots}

This structure by RutisRoots is a bowl as well as a piece of art! The environmentally friendly piece is handmade from recycled paper that has been folded and glued. It can add a funky touch to the office or home and hold jewels, keys, and knick-knacks!

A creative way to protect our environment!
Over 200 pieces of recycled paper, selected with care, folded into place and carefully glued together into a wholesome stabled 3-D structure.
This work of art rests on a base made out of acrylic painted cardboard, which is both beautiful and durable. For this reason this bowl is a perfect place to store precious items such as jewels, change, keys, remote controls etc… as well as a charming way to decorate your home and office!

Find it here: RutisRoots

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