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This fun pink mousepad can liven up any computer space! The butterfly-print pad was designed with photoshop and created with a commercial heat press process. It works well with any kind of mouse and is made of heavy-duty materials so it will last!

Mouse pads are a great and inexpensive way to spruce up your work cubicle or home office. They also make great gifts.
These mouse pads are top-quality and measure 9.25” by 7.75” and ¼” thick with a rubber base. They are heavy duty and meant to last.
Each design is applied by SeaconnetLoft using a commercial heat press process.
Great for the roller mouse. Can also be used with an optical mouse because it keeps the optical beam from reflecting off the desk which results in your cursor “bouncing” all around the monitor screen.

Find it here: SeaconnetLoft

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