{Picture by JenniferArndt}

These delicate turquoise robin eggs were handmade by JenniferArndt. She mixes, rolls, and shapes the clay to form each individual egg, then attaches magnets to her creations! They can give a whimsical, rustic feel to your home or office!

These are one of a kind, robin eggs. These have a darker more primitive/farmhouse look.
JenniferArndt hand mixes her own clay color, then hand roll and shaped each egg making each egg special and one of a kind. She has attached neodymium magnets on each egg. They surely will add a touch of whimsy to accent your kitchen, office, etc... They each measure approximately around an 1" - 1 1/2" long. Because these eggs are handsculpted and the clay colors hand blended the measurements and color hues may vary from those pictured.

Find it here: JenniferArndt

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