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These heat pads are perfect for a rough day, or any day, at the office! The pads are filled with rice and flaxseed that you can heat up to create a relaxing warm weight for your neck, and come with pads for your keyboard and mouse, and an eye pillow!

Hot Cold Pack Office Stress Relief, Heat Cool Pads, Wrist Rest Supports for Computer Keyboard and Mouse, Neck Wrap, Eye Pillow
The ultimate gift set for anyone who works at a desk! We've combined our keyboard (17" x 3") and mouse (4" x 2") wrist rests, great for carpal tunnel); with our universal size neck wrap (18" x 6") and eye pillow (9" x 4"), super for headaches or sinus.
Filled with rice and flaxseed, just pop any of these in the microwave for 1-2 minutes (less for the sinus/eye pack), and you'll experience 30+ minutes of warm, moist heat. What a relief for anyone who types and looks up at a monitor all day! These can also work as cold packs after a few hours in the freezer.

Find it here: theferriswheels

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