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{Picture by skysetter}

This relaxing mobile sculpture is perfect for relieving stress in the office and provoking new ideas! Skysetter created this mobile with water colored paintings and aluminum pieces so it moves with very little effort and looks super stylish!

Which Way That Way Watercolor Kinetic Mobile Sculpture. The approximate measurements are - 22 inches wide, 20 inches tall from hook to bottom component. It needs at least a 25" diameter space to move freely. Accent your decor with this handcrafted stylish kinetic mobile sculpture. This beautiful mobile was created with light weight aluminum components so it moves with minimal effort. The movement in the air created by walking by this mobile is enough to get it moving. The movement is calming, peaceful and relaxing making it a perfect item for a stressful home. For me, it provokes thought and new ideas! This kinetic mobile sculpture was created with original watercolor paintings permanently adhered to sheet aluminum and sealed with 3 thick coats of polyurethane. The wire is stainless steel. They are very well made and should last for many many years.

Find it here: skysetter

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