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{Picture by SeaconnetLoft}

This funky mouse pad can add some pizazz to your desk in your home or office! SeaconnetLoft created this heavy-duty pad using a photograph from their garden!

I created this particular design using a photograph I took of a tulip in my garden. These mouse pads are top-quality and measure 9.25” by 7.75” and ¼” thick with a rubber base. They are heavy duty and meant to last. They are hand washable. I use a commercial heat press to transfer the image directly onto the mouse pad. All done by me in my workshop. Great for any kind of mouse. Keeps work surface from getting worn or scratched. Keeps your mouse activity quiet. Keeps your mouse clean. Provides for smoother operation of the cursor on the monitor. Add some pizazz to your workspace. They also make great hot pads.

Find it here: SeaconnetLoft

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