Moxiepear: green eco-freindly recycled paper pencils

{Picture by moxiepear}

You will be the envy of all your friends with these eco-friendly recycled paper pencils! They write well and the beautiful green color can brighten up your desk! They are fashioned from recycled paper and chemical-free barrels and erasers.

Be ready when the doodle bug bites or better yet, send them to a friend and make their day!
Each of these colorful pencils is made with layers of 100% recycled paper so as you sharpen it, the funky design keeps changing. Because they are made with paper, they have a matte finish and rest in your hand much easier than a standard wooden pencil. The barrels and erasers are black and completely free from any yucky chemicals.
Each paper pencil has "WRITE WITH MOXIE" stamped on one side in black ink. Made from 100% recycled colored paper. Great as party favors, gifts or use them to brighten you your office.

Find it here: moxiepear

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