Sharpie Crave and Delayed Gratification

 It took me six weeks to buy these Sharpies.

Back to school shopping is for the kids right?  So they took priority and so did their lists.  All of the trips... to get the paper, the binders, the backpacks, the shoes and clothes left me saying day after day... I will get them next time.  Back to school was last week. Then, finally, a coupon and a gift card to Staples and they were mine. 

Now... how long will I wait to open them? Color collections are one of my weaknesses... see some great examples here! If I take them out of the package, the rainbow is all messed up. Hoping it won't take me six weeks to repost about using them!  Stay tuned for the grand opening... I hope to be back more often now that the kids are in school!

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  1. Just for fun!!


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