find me over at pinterest for now

It is just too easy to document my faves.

I am over here most of the time now... Pinterest... pinning away all of my favorite things...

Fonts, stationery and design
Color collections
Recipes and food inspirations...

and more...

I'll be back at the handmade home office soon!  Carla

#365patterns, following along, sharing a little

A few weeks ago, I took an online course from Nicole's Classes!  It was amazing and I totally have mastered (ha!!!) InDesign after just four short weeks.  (I should make the ha!!!... all caps! HA!!!).  Anyway, a few clicks along a path to learn more about my teacher and I landed here, on Alma Loveland's page about a challenge for 2013... #365patterns.  See all of my entries so far on Instagram!


Online Labels, just what the home office needs

A while back, Crown Bindery was awarded with a packaging award from Martha Stewart and Avery Labels (I entered a contest and got second place which came with some extra spending money)!  So fun, it was a great way to try some new products and stretch my creativity.

Well, it is that time again... time for something new. I was thrilled to see an email cross my desk about some cute new sizes and shapes from Online Labels.  I have used their round 2" labels for years (see some of them above) but now I am ready to try something new!  Online labels has introduced five unique sizes that are perfect for crafting, food products, bath and body products and much more.  I cannot wait to order some of these, I think OL1758 will be perfect for a new jotter I will introduce in 2013.

Find them here:
OL1763 - Tapered Corners Tag Label
OL1762 - Bevelled Edges Title Label
OL1761 - Rounded Edges Square Label
OL1759 - Rounded Edges Bottle Label
OL1758 - Tapered Edge Ribbon Label
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