Online Labels, just what the home office needs

A while back, Crown Bindery was awarded with a packaging award from Martha Stewart and Avery Labels (I entered a contest and got second place which came with some extra spending money)!  So fun, it was a great way to try some new products and stretch my creativity.

Well, it is that time again... time for something new. I was thrilled to see an email cross my desk about some cute new sizes and shapes from Online Labels.  I have used their round 2" labels for years (see some of them above) but now I am ready to try something new!  Online labels has introduced five unique sizes that are perfect for crafting, food products, bath and body products and much more.  I cannot wait to order some of these, I think OL1758 will be perfect for a new jotter I will introduce in 2013.

Find them here:
OL1763 - Tapered Corners Tag Label
OL1762 - Bevelled Edges Title Label
OL1761 - Rounded Edges Square Label
OL1759 - Rounded Edges Bottle Label
OL1758 - Tapered Edge Ribbon Label
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