Handmade Home Office. Making Home Work.

Why? Because that is what I do... make home work for our family, our business, our life. I love it and that is what I write about. Creating, living, growing, and thriving at home. Making home work.

Here is what it looks like:

cool home office design

handmade products that support the home office

organization products/services

home management (kids, garden, homework, food procurement and preparation, shopping, etc)

miscellaneous fun diy projects to keep the home office sane :)

mainstream products and promotions that cannot be resisted... here are a few favorites... (want to add your favorite? Please contact Carla at crownbindery@gmail.com)
container store
mom agenda
franklin covey
office max
paper place
stacks and stacks
see jane work
real simple
martha stewart
and lots of online paper and scrapbook stores :):):)

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Home work is a big job. Someone has to do it. Lets work on it together :)!
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