Fuel for running the home office! A leftover from the days when I was a personal chef/caterer... who am I kidding... I used to cook for friends and family and they paid me a little :). I miss Wendy... I digress!

Here is a list of my favorite cookbooks that have consistently provided fuel for those who live in my home and live with/support my home office. Yes, feed yourself and your family to make sure all runs smoothly before and after office hours... wait, there are contained hours to this madness?

Ina Garten... anything by her is brilliant!  I have cooked for my family, friends and clients from this cookbook and love her style.  Simple but well seasoned and updated classic.

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One of my favorites... lemon cake!

Stop and Smell the Rosemary. By the Junior League of Houston, published in 1996 right before we moved to Austin.  There are 296 amazing recipes in this book and I go here consistently for holiday and party planning. So wonderful, this is where I first found the recipe for the amazing salad that is now a staple... spicy pecans, blue cheese, green onion, strawberries, etc all tossed over baby greens and drizzled with a sweet balsamic viniagrette.

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Junior League of Houston

Peace Meals is the newest cookbook from the Junior League of Houston, making its debut in 2008.  It is a great compilation of recipes from the members of the Houston group and has won numerous awards and honors. I haven't cooked as much out of this book as I have Rosemary, but I love the pictures and it is a wonderful way to spend the afternoon, dreaming about dinner.  And then Greg doing the dishes, which he does every night.  Thanks Greg!

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Julia and Jacques.  Cooking at Home.  Well, a bit fancy, but the techniques in this cookbook are amazing. I do truly love the contrasting opinions that you find for the same foods.  As a young bride, I would watch PBS on Saturday afternoons (this was before Food Network and the Cooking Channel) and Julia and Jacques were always on, often back to back.

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Cooking at Home

American Favorites by Betty Rosbottom.  I picked this cookbook up at a thrift shop and it became one of my favorites when my friend Julie and I were trading dinners on a weekly schedule. She would cook for her family and mine on Wednesdays, I would cook Tuesdays. It exposed our kids to a lot of new foods!  We would drop off at each others house at about 4pm!  So fun!!  There are great basics in here and I do love basic cooking.  And the great thing!  This cookbook is old so you can get it cheap on Amazon!

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American Favorites
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