my home office

My home office is wonderful!  Located in the front bedroom of our 60 year old home, my workshop is a light filled space (four huge windows) where I love to spend my day.  Our girls grew up in the front room, then my husband worked full time there and then when I started Crown Bindery, I took over the space! My hubby built amazing paper storage for me with and old dresser as our starting point. I love the BIG bulletin board over my workspace!  All in all a great spot to dream and create!

Of course, the day is also filled using the rest of our home.  Soon to post pictures of my sit down desk near the back door, my kitchen (where I used to work as a personal chef), our outdoor workspace, and a few other nooks and crannies where I stash arts and crafts...

See my home office here on my flickr page:  click here.

Coming... pictures :)!
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